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the innovative ikoo brushes

detangling, wellness & TCM in perfection buy ikoo brushes


Product designers and hair professionals have worked together to develop unique new products: ikoo detanglers, highly functional but stylish brushes. They are available in many different colors: you just have to choose your favorite!

ikoo home white ocean breeze side view
ikoo home black classic side view
ikoo home white pacific side
ikoo home white soleil side

Bristle Structure

The structure of the bristle has been studied and developed by TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) doctors. The panel has a „Chessboard Function“, composed by four long and four short bristles arranged together. This particular combination allows a gentle detangling of all types of hair. Moreover ikoo brushes were design considering also vegans: they are made with natural materials and assembled without any use of animal glues.

TCM Effect

The application of TCM has particularly positive effects that you will notice right after having used an ikoo brush. The concave shape is design to massage the scalp and detangling at the same time, without causing any pain or stress. Using these brushes every day it is possible to increase relaxation, healthy condition and well-being.

ikoo home white classic bottom view
ikoo home white sugar plum side
ikoo home white cherry top view

Our Collections


Classic Collection

ikoo brush are not only excellent brushes, but also daily-spa-experience provider. The innovative structure is designed to massage the scalp during every brush, increasing relaxation.
In the classic collection it is possible to choose between two always-in-fashion colors: white and black.


Metallic Collection

Always maintaining the same innovative characteristics, the metallic collection increases the color choice, adding bright tonality, created for who wants to be glamour in every situation. Choose the best style for you between: rosé, cherry, pacific, oyster and soleil.


Paradise Collection

The second limited edition collection is designed to recall summer memories: what could be better than pastel tones to do it? Choose your favorite between: cotton candy, ocean breeze, fireball, sugar plum and orange blossom.


ikoo Pockets

Once you tried ikoo brush, you would like for sure to have always one with you: here the ikoo pocket brushes! The same functions in a slightly smaller size and with a cap, to protect the bristles from dust and every contents of the bag´, available in all colors.

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