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We are very proud to present the ikoo infusions line!

– Thermal Treatment Wrap
– Deep Caring Hair Mask
– Hair Fresh Ups
– Duo Treatment Spray
Dry Shampoo Foam
– ikoo Care Line

With ikoo you can have a complete care line: thanks to our innovation and research
we can offer you the first liquid products of our own making. Because you hair deserves the best care!

Thermal Treatment Wrap

The new hair mask Thermal Treatment Wrap, from the ikoo infusions line, offers optimal care for your hair. The pleasant and warm sensation of this mask makes using it into a wellness experience. Now available in 3 new formulas.
– Color Protect & Repair – the innovative mask virtually frees your hair from negative environmental influences, repairs damaged hair, and extends color brilliance
– Detox & Balance – the ultimate hair mask that saves even severely damaged hair and at the same time has a positive effect on irritated scalp
– Hydrate & Shine – intensive care for dehydrated, dull or frizzy hair

The Thermal Treatment Wraps offer a professional and intensive hair care treatment at home, in just 20 minutes!

Deep Caring Hair Mask

Our innovative and fawned over Thermal Treatment Wrap formula is now available in a jar but with new tricks. Without a thermal concept to assist in infusing the natural ingredients into the hair, we developed our Deep Caring Hair Mask with properties to saturate deeper into the hair structure for enhanced results. You can now repair colored hair, hydrate, and detox your hair confidently.

Hair Fresh Ups

We created three exciting formulas – from an oil-absorbing sheet that removes excess oils from the roots to the ends, an anti-frizz formula that tames stubborn frizz and finally our hair perfume sheets that replace unwanted scents with a natural fragrance. Each sheet has been individually packaged to keep the formulas fresh for maximum performance. They are made to be purse-portable for on-the-go touch ups, whether you’re in between meetings, on a flight or running late for a date – they are your quick fix to keep your hair fresh and polished from day to night.

Dup Treatment Spray

Our leave-in Duo Treatment Sprays are a combination of two carefully chosen oils or extracts that, when combined, deliver the most exciting infusions that ends all hair nightmares. Each bottle is designed with a peekaboo slip that reveals, like a lady in the night, the alluring separation of each extract and oil.

Dry Shampoo Foam

Our philosophy drives us to create products that gives you the hair you deserve but we are also motivated to help you make it last. Our unique foaming dry shampoos are basically magic in a can. It works without water but cleanses your hair from dirt and oils to give you that just-washed-virgin-hair-feeling. It will rewind the time as if it’s only the first day (not the 5th day) you’ve gone without washing your hair. No more leftover powder residue, just gorgeous, long lasting hair for days.

ikoo Care Line

Effortless hair starts in your shower. Our Care Line is designed to enhance, cleanse, and maintain your hair’s health and preps it for your individual styling routine. All formulas are packed with specific extracts and infusions that will get you the results you were always supposed to be born with.

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