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The best blowout results in just 3 easy steps – with the paddle X!

Optimal airflow

One of the most visible feature of the paddle x are the X ventilation slots: the warm air of the hair dryer can go out easily and quickly, without stressing the hair. The hair-cortex will not damaged when styling and the skin will not loose moisture. This is how a sustainable styling goes!

paddle X metallic love affair
paddle x metallic colors

Exciting colors

After the immediate success of our ikoo brush metallic collection, the new paddle x will not disappointed you: six brilliant uniform and gradient color. Premium und luxury standards are newly defined!

paddle X metallic collection

paddle X metallic take a swim

take a swim

Fresh torques, greenish, light and natural.

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Fresh new combination of pink and green, lovely and surprisingly natural.

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paddle X metallic babydoll
paddle X metallic lets tango

let’s tango

Strong red with high gloss finish, strong and independent.

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love affair

Wonderful gradient between pink and rose with a brilliant finishing, exclusive and elegant.

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paddle X metallic love affair
paddle X metallic manhattan glam

manhattan glam

Classic rose with perfect finishings, feminine and graceful.

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rosy clouds

Interesting combination of red and green, strong and powerful.

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paddle X metallic rosy clouds

paddle x metallics mini slider png

paddle X mini slider png

paddle x metallics mini slider png

popspaddle X pops mini slider png

classicpaddle x classic mini slider png