Innovative styling brush
in handy size




The best blowout results in just 3 easy steps – with the paddle X!

Optimal airflow

One of the most visible feature of the paddle x are the X ventilation slots: the warm air of the hair dryer can go out easily and quickly, without stressing the hair. The hair-cortex will not damaged when styling and the skin will not loose moisture. This is how a sustainable styling goes!

paddle X pops beluga black ventilation
paddle x metallic colors

Ideal when travelling

Who has to be often on the way does not have to give up on styling with the paddle X.
The paddle X pops are manageable but they still offer the ikoo brush technique to untangle your hair, offering you a scalp massage, according to TCM principles.

paddle X pops collection

paddle X pops beluga black

beluga black

The styling brush in the always elegant black.

To the product

platinum white

The styling brush in the pure white.

To the product

paddle X pops platinum white

paddle x metallics mini slider png

paddle X mini slider png

paddle x metallics mini slider png

metallicpaddle X pops mini slider png

classicpaddle x classic mini slider png