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ikoo style assistant spray


ikoo style assistant spray


Protect – Style – Shine

The new Style Assistant Spray from ikoo, in stylish packaging with soft-touch-finish, offers the optimal preparation for your hair when you want to use warm tools, like our e-styler. The spray guarantees the right protection from humidity, makes your styling last longer and rounds by giving a brilliant shine and the perfect finishing – for the wow-effect!

Among the active components, there are valuable natural extracts, able to revitalize your hair. Naturally-derived Argan oil has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, strengthen your hair structure and prevents split ends. In combination with the Jojoba extracts, rich in provitamin A and vitamin E and a natural light protection factor of 4, your hair cortex is moisture and protect.

Optimal styling solution

With our new ikoo style assistant spray, the times of dry, damaged hair because of heating styling tools belong to the past. Your hair will be softer, stronger, healthier and better protected against oxidants and UVA/UVB rays.

At a glance:

  • It prepares your hair in the optimal way before the use warm tools, like our famous e-styler
  • Seals your hair from high humidity, for a well textured look
  • Makes your styling lasts longer thanks to the natural ingredients
  • Gives to your look a brilliant shine without excessive grease

How to use the product?

  1. Deeply wash & cleanse your hairs – in order to let the extracts be absorbed in the best way possible
  2. Dry your hair with a towel – to avoid unnecessary moisture
  3. Apply some spray onto your hair from a distance of 50 cm – for an even distribution of the liquid
  4. Style you hair with the styling tools you desire – like our e-styler products
  5. Creating a lasting professional styling has never been that easy!

    For even better results, we advise you to combine the use with our thermal treatment wrap

Our innovative style assistant spray is available right now – try it out!

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