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  • Thermal Treatment Wrap - 5er

    Thermal Treatment Wrap - 5er

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    The new hair mask Thermal Treatment Wrap, from the ikoo infusions line, is the optimal care for your hair. The innovative mask let your hair free from negative environmental influences, nourishes gentle the hair and help in repairing. The pleasant warm development make the use of this mask a wellness experience and let the care substances penetrate in the hair`s structure. Moreover, it has a restructuring effect and make the color last longer. Lavender oil, Basil and other natural extracts help to have stronger. Split ends and sheds are limited and therefore your hairs will be healthier and shining. Moreover, the quantity of basil oil stimulates the head skin and encourage a healthy Hair growth.
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  • Style Assistant Spray

    Style Assistant Spray

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    The new Style Assistant Spray from ikoo in the stylish packaging with soft-touch-finish offers the optimal preparation of your hairs to get a perfect styling when using warm tools, like our e-styler. The spray guarantees the right protection from humidity, makes your styling last longer and rounds by giving a brilliant shine and the perfect finishing of your entrance – for the wow-effect!
  • paddle X metallic | manhattan glam

    paddle X metallic | manhattan glam

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    The ikoo paddle X is your new paddlebrush, which is perfect for blow drying and styling, and also offers ikoo functions of unraveling and simultaneous massage. Optimize your blow-hair styling by using either side of the brush to either remove excess hot blow-out air or direct the warm airflow to a hairline. X-shaped air slots ensure a perfect blow-out result - you decide for yourself how much hair your hair can tolerate. Use the interplay of paddle X and your hair for powerful, shiny, vital and voluminous hair. Protect your hair and its structure from too much heat - no more stressed hair - the result is silky and healthy looking hair.

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We develop innovative products working together with our talented team, always maintaining a fresh approach.


We are not only concerned with innovation: we are also at the forefront of luxury items. We aspire to provide affordable luxury for everyone.


Our mission is to amaze the beauty world with our innovative and excellent products.

With ikoo we have created a very special company: young, innovative and with a unique philosophy. Our ambitious and talented team is our pride and our daily endeavor for success is what brings us all together.
We are hungry for more!

Christopher von Hallwyl

Managing Director

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ikoo brush, home and pocket were the first products launched after our foundation in 2012. Right after our successful launch in 2013, the company started to grow and to be recognized as an emerging talent in the beauty and hair care industries. We launched our Metallic Collection in 2015, which demonstrated itself to be another success, gaining more and more attention from the market. 2016 was another significative year, characterized by the launch of our most recent highlight: e-styler, an innovative hair straightening brush and our first electronic product. Our customers as well as the press reacted very positive to it. Moreover, we introduced our first paddle brush, ikoo paddle X. To finished off our portfolio we presented ikoo Paradise Collection, with its matte satin finish in five fresh colors. We already have great ideas for 2017 in order to continue driving innovation: stay tuned!

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