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ikoo thermal treatment wrap


ikoo thermal treatment wrap


Protect & Repair

The new hair mask Thermal Treatment Wrap, from the ikoo infusions line, is the optimal care for your hair. The innovative mask lets your hair free from negative environmental influences, nourishes gently and helps repairing damage. The pleasant warming effect makes the use of this mask a wellness experience and lets the care substances penetrate in the hair`s structure. Moreover, it has a restructuring effect and makes the color last longer. Lavender oil, basil and other natural extracts helps in making your hair stronger. Split ends and sheds are limited and therefore your hair will be healthier and shining. Moreover, the basil oil stimulates your scalp and encourages healthy hair growth.

The thermo function of the Thermal Treatment Wrap helps the transfer of nutrition elements and vitamins into the hair`s structure. After using it, your hair just needs to be rinsed and can be styled as usual. As you can see, it is very easy to use!

The Thermal Treatment Wrap can be used on every hair type and offers a professional and intensive care at home, in only 20 minutes!

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